Find a Conveyancing Solicitor

When you decide to buy a house, whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned home buyer, you will need the help of a conveyancing solicitor to help with all the legal issues.

A conveyancing solicitor is effectively a solicitor who deals with the legal aspects of buying or selling a property. The conveyancing part of buying a house begins once you have appointed a property solicitor and given them details of the house you have just put an offer in for.

Between putting in an offer on a house and actually receiving the keys usually takes between four and eight weeks. During that time your appointed licensed conveyancer or property solicitor (who could be an online conveyancing solicitor) will be checking titles, doing searches and drawing up or checking the contract of sale.

The conveyancing part of buying a house is what usually takes the time and causes the most stress as papers get passed around from party to party and problems are discovered, but your conveyancing solicitor will be making sure the transfer of ownership of the property concerned is completely legal.

When it comes to choosing a conveyancing solicitor you have a number of options. Of course the best option is to get a recommendation from a friend or relative but in the absence of a recommended conveyancing solicitor choosing the company offering a modest but not the cheapest quote can be a good indicator of a reliable conveyancer.

A strategy that many people like to employ is getting conveyancing quotes from at least three conveyancing solicitors and then avoiding the cheapest conveyancing solicitor and choosing the next most expensive.

There are other things to consider side from price though, for example how well you think you will get on with the conveyancing solicitor. Remember they may have to help you through a stressful time so it's important you like them and feel that you can trust them.

In addition knowledge of the local area may be worth taking into account. Local knowledge can be invaluable during the process as the conveyancing solicitor may have local knowledge that you don't that could be of benefit to you.

Now you know what you're looking for, why not start searching for a property solicitor right now with our local search.