Find a Divorce Solicitor

In life one of the most difficult things to deal with is the end of a relationship, and ending a marriage can be particularly difficult because you will have invested so much in it.

A marriage, especially a long marriage, not only consists of emotional investment, but also financial investment in terms of the family home and other joint possessions like the family car, furniture, and so on. The marriage may also have brought children into the equation. All these need to be considered if you are thinking of getting a divorce.

Divorce should only be considered as a last resort but if you have got to the stage where you feel divorce is the only way then you will need the help of a solicitor to ensure that the whole thing is legal. If you and your partner can separate on amicable terms then this is all the better as you will not have to spend lots of money on making it legal. Couples who are still able to talk should consider mediation as a way to take the process forward. Mediation is backed by the Government as a way for separated couples to discuss their issues, even if it is just to decide who gets what in the pending divorce.

However if you are ready to divorce then you will need the help of a divorce solicitor, more commonly known as a family solicitor. Family solicitors are qualified to advice you on the legal aspects of divorce and separation. In addition to the actual divorce and separation they are also able to help with:

  • access to children
  • how money is divided
  • what happens to the family home
  • any businesses that may be part of the marriage
  • pension issues and so on…

Of course one way to find a good divorce solicitor/family solicitor is to ask someone who has been through a similar situation, who found their family solicitor useful. However you should certainly not rely on this alone as you need to ensure you can build a good relationship with your chosen divorce solicitor. Even a divorce that starts out amicably can turn into something more hostile so you need to find a solicitor who can help you legally but who you also trust to advise you though the issues that will come up.

To get your search for a divorce solicitor started why not use our local search facility to find a family solicitor in your area.