Types of Solicitor

If you're in a legal fix or need help with a legal problem then you'll need a solicitor to guide you through it. Even what seems to be the most straightforward legal situation can have wide reaching legal implications that only a trained professional can advise you on or deal with. However, life is complex, and as a result there are different types of solicitors who have specialist expertise in particular areas.

When you first find yourself needing legal help you may pop into your high street solicitor as a first point of call. A high street solicitor is usually trained in many different aspects of the law and should either be able to help or suggest that you visit a specialist.

There are many normal situations in which you may require legal help, an example of this is buying a house. Once you have put in an offer for a house or flat you will probably need the services of a property solicitor to make sure the transfer of the property is all legal and above board, see our find a conveyancing solicitor for more.

Other normal situations where you may need legal help include divorce or family issues, see out find a divorce solicitor section for more about this, and if you want to take action against a company or individual for a trip or fall that wasn't your fault you'll need an injury solicitor. You can find out more about this type of solicitor in our find an injury solicitor section.

If you own your own business then there are a number of specialist solicitors that you may need to call on. Commercial solicitors deal with contracts, business disputes and so on. Tax solicitors understand the ins and outs of the complex UK tax system and can help you keep out of the Inland Revenue's bad books. Finally there are employment solicitors, they are able to work with employers or employees to help settle a dispute for example unfair dismissal.

The other main types of solicitors deal with legal issues arising out situations that the average member of the public probably won't need to worry about, however they do serve an important purpose. These specialist types of solicitor include international solicitors, media solicitors and crime solicitors to name just a few.

Whatever type of solicitor you need, you'll find them in our online directory – just take a look…